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Convallaria MajalisRafaël Philippen

Convallaria Majalis is Rafaƫl Philippen's second publication, accompaning his exhibition in the Dutch Photo Museum in the Las Palmas building, Rotterdam.

The majority of Philippen's work consists of what may cautiously be regarded as landscapes: shots of places where nature and culture meet each other and overlap, places on the street, in parks or at indefinable locations in the 'backsides' of the city. Remarkable is that he blends the portraits and other shots with each other in publications and exhibits. Possible meanings begin to resonate together. Contrasts are played out against each other. Photographs of wild or cultivated flowers are seen next to portraits of young women. 'Third meanings' continue to arise in between two images, but these are open and abstract; they allow space for the interpretations and associations of the spectator, doing no more than putting him on the scent. Poetry is brought forth. Philippen's great sense of form is conspicuous. The images are compositionally strong, as it is called, with powerful lines and surfaces. Within these lines and surfaces, he shows sensitivity to small details.
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Rafaël Philippen
exhibition Dutch Photo Museum
Rafaël Philippen
Henk Oosterling
graphic design
Saskia Wierinck, Anke Broeren, Barlock, The Hague
paperback | 96 pp | 24 x 22.5 cm