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ElsewhereMarieken Verheyen

Marieken Verheyen (1954) makes art that attempts to alter our perceptions of everyday reality. Elsewhere is the result of her long-term artistic reoccupation with the theme of migration.

In Elsewhere photographic images of scenes taken from windows in the Netherlands contrast with views from windows in Bosnia, Ghana, Indonesia and Morocco, countries where many Dutch immigrants originate from. Dutch visions of the exotic and foreign visions of the Netherlands complete the depicted sights.

The publication documents feelings of enchantment and confinement, evoked by views from windows. It illustrates contemporary experiences of otherness and familiarity and explores the dreams and illusions that have led people to leave their homes. The result is an elementary yet disconcerting insight: in their finite nature and their endless differences, all views appear to be the same.
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website Marieken Verheyen
graphic design
Thomas Buxó
paperback | 120 pp | 21.5 x 28 cm
9789059730953 english edition
9789059730946 dutch edition
€ 32.50