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EversteijnBoxing Champion, Barber 1949-1983

In the late seventies and early eighties, Carel van Hees was befriended with the legendary boxer Cor Eversteijn and in that period photographed him frequently. Eversteijn, exponent of the sixties and seventies, was also barber, husband, father, dandy and comedian. A hero and celebrity, but Cor's life also had a hitch. He led a double life and frequently sought the intoxication of alcohol and drugs. Ultimately, the downside of his fame became fatal.
Boxers learn to collect. They should be able to come back from a losing position. Dealing with loss is the essence of sport. For Eversteijn, the greater the victory the deeper the fall, and the greater his self-imposed sanctions the stronger the need for debauchery. What made him great was his downfall, that makes it interesting and incomprehensible at the same time.
For Carel van Hees, the life of Cor Eversteijn is a metaphor for many aspects of heroism. Eversteijn recognized and utilized his talents and always wanted to surpass himself, but he also got lost in a quest to handle fear, temptation and adversity, associated with his success. This universal aspect makes the story of Eversteijn a story of everyone.
For this publication, Van Hees completed his photographs of the aftermath of Eversteijn’s sports career with extensive material from newspapers, family albums and other archive material, that bear witness of the preceding lows and highlights.
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Carel van Hees
Dirk van Weelden
graphic design
Yvo Zijlstra
paperback | 336 pp | 16.5 x 22 cm