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Five Minutes CityArchitecture and [im]mobility

FiveMinutesCity was an international forum and workshop for young architects organized by the Berlage Institute in collaboration with the Mies van der Rohe Foundation (Barcelona) and the Institut Fran├žais d'Architecture (Paris). The organizers invited Winy Maas, architect and partner in MVRDV from Rotterdam, as the workshop master.

Winy Maas proposed a provocative and inspiring brief: he asked participants to redesign the cities of Rotterdam and New York in a way that everything is reachable within five minutes. A series of serious questions arise from the challenging brief.
What will such a city look like? What happens to such an hypothesis if cars are the only mode of transport? What will such a city look like when it is only accessed by public transport? Or by walking? How one can extend the knowledge of compact or dense cities? How fast cities can be? Is increased speed an ideal concept for future cities? Is development of new infrastructure sustainable for cities in future? Can Rotterdam become such a city? Is it possible to upscale Manhattan? How does mobility affects the working and living qualities of the cities and how is mobility shaping cities?
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Winy Maas/MVRDV
graphic design
Paul Ouwerkerk
paperback | 304 pp | 21 x 14.8 cm
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