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Kitsch Unedited

Jan Andriesse (Jakarta, 1950) once remarked that making a painting is, and always will be, the only rational exercise in futility. This remark undoubtedly arose from his conviction that it is impossible to use visual art to make a statement about reality, let alone to influence that reality with it.
Seen in this light, what a painting 'is about' in an anecdotal or descriptive sense becomes irrelevant. The issue is not to tell stories, but to formulate an idea which is both comprehensive and concise, which has the power of a symbol. In order to achieve this, Andriesse approaches his subjects with intellectual detachment.

This publication accompanied the Jan Andriesse exhibition 30 years of drawing, held at De Pont, museum of contemporary art, in Tilburg. At the artist' invitation, colleagues, friends and acquaintances have put their thoughts on 'Kitsch today' into words and made them available for this publication. It is a collection of highly diverse viewpoints, which form a fascinating image of an idea that can evidently be seen in many ways.
Jan Andriesse
graphic design
Tessa van der Waals
paperback | 232 pp | 13.5 x 19.5 cm
€ 17.50