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Micha Patiniott. Curiously Human

The paintings of Micha Patiniott depict a world that often reflects everyday reality, portrayed -however- with a twist. Rooted in personal experience and imagination, objects, body parts, people, and animals are made to act in ways that do not occur in reality. Patiniott topples the image by adding what for a mere second is just an association to the image. His paintings are the onset of a story or scenes from stories. The spectator is free to apply his own imagination. He can project his emotions onto it, he can use the ingredients made available towards his own interpretation. Patiniott's stories are unfinished, they do not confirm images, they create images.
This publication accompanies the exhibition Unisono 22: Micha Patiniott. Curiously Human at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.
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Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
website Micha Patiniott
Rob Perrée, Diana Wind
graphic design
Minke Themans
paperback | 80 pp | 22.5 x 29 cm
9789460830259 english edition
9789460830242 dutch edition
€ 25.00