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Sputterancetexts on and by René Daniëls

René Daniels work, both lucid and enigmatic, humorous but also shrewd and intelligent, betrays the mercurial movement of his artistry.
Daniëls considers himself a kindred spirit of Duchamp, Picabia and Broodthaers: artists who pursued not so much the development of a style but the chance to take different routes, time and time again. He once referred to his field of activity as 'the former no man's land between literature, visual art and life'.
December 1987 Daniëls suffered a stroke from which he has not entirely recovered. This has put an end, for the time being, to a painterly adventure that has led to one of the most intriguing oeuvres in the postwar art of the Netherlands.

The publication Sputterance, edited by Marleen Gijsen en Jaap Bremer, includes texts on and by René Daniëls.

A publication of De Pont, Museum of Contemporary Art, accompaning the exhibition 'René Daniëls drawings and paintings 1977-1987'.
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Marleen Gijsen, Jaap Bremer
graphic design
Tessa van der Waals
paperback | 212 pp | 13.5 x 19.5 cm