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Suburban Ark

The publication deals with a number of topical issues brought together on a installation called Suburban Ark. The theme of the installation was The Flood, which was also the theme of the 2nd International Architecture Biennial in Rotterdam. In a series of lectures, excursions, and workshops taking place during the Biennial, innovative possibilities were developed for the supply of energy and water.
The Suburban Ark functioned as a floating lab with test rigs for wind energy, freshwater-saltwater energy, and energy from digestion.

The Suburban Ark opposes the fact that house building on water is subject to the comfort-focused facilities of house building on land, and investigates new parcelization typologies for water dwellings. The Suburban Ark objects to the relentless consequences of parcelization brought about by the installation of the infrastructure. To the point out the direction in which to look for solutions, a number of items of furniture have been developed that are self-contained and capable of operating without the use of existing energy sources, pipes and cables.
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Design News about the project
2nd International Architectuur Biennale
Duzan Doepel, Ton Matton, Wim Timmermans
graphic design
Minke Themans
paperback | 96 pp | 15 x 21 cm
9789059730380 english edition
9789059730359 dutch edition