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Traces of LightJean-Marc Spaans

Traces of Light is the first monograph published on the work of the young Dutch photographer Jean-Marc Spaans. The photographs of Spaans have been described as paintings with light.

Spaans does not take photo's of pre-existing objects or objects that absorb the light of the sun or flashlight, as usually is done by photographers. Deliberately choosing a long exposure time, he draws trails of light through space with coloured neon tubes. By manipulating these tubes he captures contours of non-existing objects and shapes, the form of geometric patterns, swirling dansers, furniture and architecture. In this way the camera captures the trails of light, the precise actions of the maker, who is the model and maker at the same time.
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Rutger Fuchs
hardcover | 120 pp | 29 x 24 cm
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