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YU[E]P - ambitieuze jonge vrouwenDe opkomst van een nieuwe middenklasse op Zuid

Young Urban Ethnic Professionals are the economic and cultural capital of the city

Like many other cities, Rotterdam is an 'arrival city', where migrants work their way up. Since 1995 the number of foreign students at colleges and universities has increased considerably. Especially girls follow higher education.
These well-educated women are the vanguard of an emerging new middle class who now - in the footsteps of their native fellow citizens - tend to leave the city and move to the suburbs. Because these Young Urban [Ethnic] Professionals (YUEPs) can contribute substantially to the development and revival of city districts, the question is: how to maintain these talented residents for the cities?

YU[E]P is an startling research report and photo book on the expectations of a group of young women of non-Western origin from the South Bank of Rotterdam, a deprived district now earmarked by architects, urban planners, housing associations, welfare organizations, trade and civic offices as an up-and-coming area.
Research journalists Els Desmet and Annemarie Sour let residents speak for themselves. In interviews, ambitious young women with immigrant background, all grown up in Rotterdam, answer the questions whether they see a future in the city for themselves, their partner or their family and under what conditions. While issues as housing, schools, neighbourhoods, urban amenities and public space are reviewed, photographers Karine Versluis and Joop Reijngoud portray the women and the city.

YU[E]P not only breaks down stereotypes about the emancipation of women with an immigrant background. It also shows why Young Urban Ethnic Professionals are the economic and cultural capital of a city. The personal experiences of the ambitious young women offer leads for development and renewal of the urban environment, not only in Rotterdam.

Annemarie Sour, Els Desmet
Karine Versluis, Joop Reijngoud
graphic design
Studio Beige
paperback | 144 pp | 17 x 24 cm
€ 19.50