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Time Frames Las Palmas

Re-use of old buildings seems to be limited to the housing of the creative sector. The publication Time Frames Las Palmas shows that it can be more than that.

The former warehouse Las Palmas in Rotterdam is a multi-tenant building for companies with cultural and commercial ends. It houses the Nederlands Fotomuseum, an events hall, a school for new media, along with an exclusive seafood restaurant, a market research company, a project development company and an architects and engineers office.

The companies in Las Palmas moved to a prestigious area, full of promises of more residents, more visitors, more companies and a more solid urban context. But the promises are wearing down. Cultural institutions have to find new revenue models to face cutbacks, others still try to gain from the cultural visitors. Joint marketing is required, as well as an adjustment of expectations to meet reality.

On the basis of socio-cultural and economic studies and historical, architectural and cultural perspectives Time Frames Las Palmas offers surprising insights about the dynamics of the building.
Starting point of the analyses are the detailed photographs of the interior with which Daria Scagliola has captured how tenants of the building have given content to the ambitious plan for Las Palmas, showing the contrast, the symbiosis, the harmony or the tension between the great architectural gesture of the building and the people that have to eke out their working life inside those walls.
Daria Scagliola
Wies Sanders
graphic design
Typography Interiority & Other Serious Matters
stapled | 48 pp | 32 x 49 cm
€ 35.00