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The Making of PAPAparticipating artists' press agency

The Making of PAPA is a photo book. It contains 250 photographs taken by 35 photographers from 6 countries.
PAPA -participating artists' press agency- is an international, curated network of artist-correspondents, initiated and led by Lino Hellings. PAPA is nomadic, it doesn't have a fixed office but works from temporary offices in cities all over the world. Projects can be self-initiated or commissioned by third parties. PAPA is an instrument for world mapping, gently fixing even the most stubborn pieces into meaningful patterns. PAPA's street level observations inspire a broad audience and inform specialist arenas as art, city development, politics and the news industry.
PAPA's working method is based on 'reading the street'. The correspondents go out with a camera and picture 'what catches the eye' with a clear question in the head and on appropriate locations. Subsequently, the photographers 'read the pictures out loud' by adding texts to the pictures. During a project or commission new images and texts are posted on the shared photo blog of PAPA every day.
The Making of PAPA combines a DIY manual, an introduction to the cities in which PAPA has operated so far, visual essays by a mix of photographers and a text on the bottom-up creation of PAPA and its first adventures.

Photographs and captions by:
Shahidul Alam
Brazil/Sao Paulo
Zé Barretta, Luciana Camargo, Ines Correa, Felipe Denuzzo, Marcelo Ferrelli, Giovana Pasquini, Sylvia Sanchez
Elena Chigibaeva, Nargiz Chynalieva, Nellya Dzhamanbaeva, Samat Mambetshaev, Tatyana Mihnevich, Angelina Mokh, Meka Murato, Raisat Musaeva, Anastasia Slastnikova, Sapargul Turdubekova, Tatyana Zelenskaja
Netherlands/The Hague and Rotterdam
Erika Blikman, Maurice Bogaert, Robin van 't Haar, Rob van Maanen, Nies Medema, Martijn Nieuwenhuis
Andrew Esiebo, Toye Gbade, Eremina Jumbo, Zemaye Okediji, Tuoyo Omagba, Adolphus Opara, Israel Ophori, Folarin Shasanya
Marcin Szczepanski, Lino Hellings

compilation and text
Lino Hellings
Lino Hellings, Nienke Terpsma, Hans Aarsman
graphic design
Nienke Terpsma
paperback | 240 pp | 17 x 24 cm
€ 30.00